Why Appointmentor?

 AppointMentor is an easy to use website that allows people to book, cancel and rearrange their appointments online, with 24/7 accessibility, and convenience of any time, any place, anywhere bookings (using computers, iPads, and smart phones).

Some of the Digital solutions Appointmentor can help deliver.

Manage Appointments Online 24×7

  • Book, cancel and rearrange appointments online
  • It is an encrypted and secure system and validates the identity of the users
  • AppointMentor is very easy to use, it can be integrated with your existing website.
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Fully controlled by the Organisations

  • Organisations can choose which appointments to make available online
  • Charge customers online and the ability to set up advance payments options
  • Capture impulse buying, have 24×7 booking available to develop & manage Customer Relationships
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Fully Responsive-Use it on Computers, Tablets, Phones

  • Facility for easy bookings, 24/7 accessibility, any time, any place, anywhere(laptop, tablet, phones).
  • Select from a larger pool of available appointments.
  • Provides empowerment for customers who can choose appointments to suit their lifestyle
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Appointmentor Plugins

  • Online Appointments Schduling

  • Recall

  • Zones

  • Live Payments

  • Family Members Appointment

  • Custom Email Templates

Appointmentor Integrations

Digitize your papers forms to the next level with our ever-growing and constantly improving the collection of form integrations with your DPMS.

Carestream R4+

CS R4+ provides an ideal combination of power and simplicity, helping you deliver the perfect service in a way that works for you, your practice and your patients. Supporting your business success, promoting staff and patient satisfaction

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iSmile Dental Software

Manage your patients efficiently, accurately and smartly with iSmile Dental Software. The dental software is used by individual practices and corporate groups alike, to help simplify management processes.

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DentSys Dental Software

We have been providing dental practice management software to all types of practices for over 25 years. Our flagship product Edge allows for the full management of a dental practice.

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Pearl Dental Software

Pearl Dental Software is designed to be flexible to use while ensuring compliance with all NHS rules for Dental practice. It delivers all the functions and support needed by independent dental practices and small-medium chains of dental surgeries.

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Dentally Dental Software

Dental practice management software that’s easy to use. We’ve designed Dentally in collaboration with dentists across the UK to create a hassle-free experience that will allow you to work from anywhere, streamline your practice and free up valuable time.

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