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We are providing you with the versatile services in Appointmentor you can make strong customer relationships. Following are our most enrich services which we are providing.

Appointment online booking

An articulate feedback questionnaire giving insight and understanding on patient experiences and issues. Patients have the facility to share their details or remain anonymous. Our software has inbuilt intelligent checks which detect happy patients and automatically direct them to a page to leave testimonials, which once moderated can easily be shipped to your website.

New Patient Registrations

Attach your offers or promote a new service link to go with the feedback emails to your existing patients. Capitalise the potential of cross selling using the Appointmentor .Patients can share your offers on their social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc. enabling your offers to go viral, all without any extra effort. Reports can be pulled on-demand with different date range.

Family members bookings

PatientConnection has a very powerful Google Reviews module. 70% of New Patients use them Google Reviews are the most influential online resource for attracting new Patients. Managing your online reputation is a key element of your dental practice. Get more local visibility in Google. Set yourself apart from your competitors.Impress patients and get more profits

Auto Recall

Increase customer retention by communicating with patients throughout the year. Provide oral health and educational articles to them based on treatment schedules showcasing your personalized care and attention. Increase loyalty automatically!

Online payments

Action Mangement Centre offers you the facility to address your patient’s concerns by emailing them directly or assigning to an internal team member. You can set the priority as low, medium or high along with setting a deadline for a pending issue.

Contiguous Appointments

A key feature of Appointmentor allows patients to rate and comment on is NHS Choices. We believe user feedback helps people make informed decisions and encourages practices to assess their services and make changes where necessary.

Appointment Bundling

PatientConnection has a very powerful yet easy to understand reporting module. It gives you the performance of the practice with a quick glance.

Cross-Platform Data Transfer

Send your feedback automatically to your customers , based on the preferences in your organization account.

Multiple schemes / Payors

 You don’t need to select your customers. Train agent, Appointmentor will automatically send it for you.

Here’s What people Say about us

Dealing with Appointmentor team from welltime has been a revaluation, it was all installed and ready to go after a comprehensive demo in less than 2 days. Appointmentor team allows you to customise the service to suit you and new features are being added all the time.

The feedback system is great – we have done paper questionnaires for years now but the anonymity allows patients to tell you what they truly think.

Testimonials are now stacking up 55 in less than 20 days – all scrolling on our website.

Would recommend this service and the team to everybody!

Dr. Aaron Yousaf, Principal Dentist

We have found Patient Connections an excellent way of communicating with our patients easily and in a professional manner. We have received a great response to our feedback questionnaires. The automatic email service makes the whole process easy for the patient and is a great way of interacting. The promotional communication which is designed to our specification is again very convenient and communications are designed to look very professional.

The installation was all done remotely and caused no interruption to our schedule. Online training was provided and when I have needed assistance I have always had a prompt response. Welltime team has been very proactive and has encouraged and helped me to use the system to the full potential.

Having Patient Connections has encouraged me to interact more with our patients as what may have been time consuming tasks are simplified. I do think this is a great platform to use to reinforce relationships with our patient base.

Avil Mclintock, Practice Manager